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It is customary to provide a cover letter on your organization's letterhead, signed by the Chairman of the Board, CEO or Executive Director.

This is a sample cover letter.

Name, Title (Grantmaker Contact)
Foundation, Bank, Corporation (Grantmaker)
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Name of Grant

(Name of Organization) is pleased to submit this request for your review. We look forward to your partnership in our cooperative efforts to rebuild (Name of Community).

Our proposal requests $ (amount of request) to launch our creative homeowner downpayment revolving loan program to provide a 50/50 match downpayment to enable the low- and moderate-income residents of (Name of Community) the opportunity to own their own homes.

Our homeownership downpayment loan model is creative in promoting homeownership opportunities for the tenants of (Name of Organization) rental housing. this (Name of Grant) program supports the (Name of Grantmaker) objectives to promote community resident home-ownership opportunities.

We have secured $ (Amount) funds to seed the program, have pre-qualified more than 100 community residents for downpayment loans, and bring a 50/50 match for every dollar in this request.

For the last fifteen years, (Name of Organization) has successfully produced affordable housing in (Name of Organization). We have delivered more than 1000 units of affordable housing to our community. Your ongoing investment in our housing programs and projects will enable us to continue to effectively serve our impoverished community, and its working poor residents.

Thank you for your interest in (Name of Organization). We envision building upon our collaborative success by developing our homeownership downpayment loan program with you.


(Name of CEO/Board Chair)
(Title of CEO/Board Chair)
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