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Republication Terms & Conditions

You are welcome to republish our guides (materials) if:

  1. You are a non-profit organization, charitable, educational, public organization, or other community-minded group, and
  2. You reproduce and/or distribute our materials for personal, non-commercial, or educational use, and
  3. You redistribute our materials FREE OF CHARGE.

Republication Permissions:

  1. Single Copy: Non-profits may reproduce one single copy of our materials solely for personal, non-commercial, or educational use without written permission.

  2. Multiple Copies: Non-profits may reproduce and/or distribute multiple copies of our materials ONLY with written permission. Please download our Non-Exclusive Copyright License (PDF/18KB). If you agree to our conditions, please mail a signed copy for our records BEFORE reproducing our materials.

Commercial/For-Profit Businesses are expressly prohibited from reproducing or distributing any and all materials available at this Web site.

For your convenience, our guides are provided in printer-friendly PDF format. Use the left navigation menu to visit each guide. Select the "Printable File" located below each guide title to open and download the printer-friendly PDF-format files.

Please Note:

  • All materials available at this Web site are subject to copyrights and other legalities. Please read our legal notices.
  • All grant writing resources are available at We do not provide any other assistance, services or information.
  • For additional information about non-profit guides, please visit frequently asked questions and fair use policies.
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